Some More Beginnings, 1968, New York

Some More Beginnings, 1968, Brooklyn Museum. About 50 years ago the ICA in London staged an overview exhibition on technology and art: “Cybernetic Serendipity”. The exhibition is well documented and is considered a milestone of the genre. Working with the computer was one of the focuses, fairly different from the exhibition “The Machine” at MoMA, New York, which had a broader look at machine art. Here as well some computer artworks were included. A post of the head curator Douglas Dodds of the V+A, London drew my attention to this exhibition in the context of the current exhibition at the V+A “Chance and Control”. He mentioned a catalogue of a show at the Brooklyn Museum at the same time as “The Machine” named “Some More Beginnings”. This is specially interesting, as this show was based on a competition from E.A.T. Experiments in Art and Technology organised for the MoMA show. The idea was to select a few winners for the MoMA show. But the response was so great, that the decision was made to organise an additional presentation of these artworks at the Brooklyn Museum . Some were even shown as duplicates. You’ll find artists like Roger Vilder, Lillian Schwartz or Kenneth Knowlton between them who you know already from DAM. A really interesting catalogue!