Eduardo Kac Lagoglyph on the roof of the museum!

Eduardo Kac

About 8 years ago DAM in Berlin presented a solo show with Eduardo Kac’s genetically modified Edunia plants. Each plant had a human gene as well. In his new show Kac collaborated with a French astronaut on a performance in the ISS in space. The series of works based on this project are shown at the gallery from the 9th of November.

Kac is well known for crossing the boarders and using different media in an unusual way. This makes his oeuvre so exciting. During my recent visit to Palma de Mallorca I was able to experience another example of his art from the series of “Lagoglyphs” on the roof of the Es Baluar Museum of Contemporary Art. There was only one disadvantage. To really see the artwork properly you would have to fly above or use Google Earth, which I preferred. Just look for Es Baluar, Palma de Mallorca on click on the satellite version.