Eelco Brand, DR.movi (detail), 3D animation, continuous, edition of 6, 2020
Eelco Brand, KB.movi (detail), 3D animation, continuous, edition of 6, 2021
Eelco Brand, FE.movi, digital animation, 4k, continuous, edition of 6, 2020
Eelco Brand, MM.movi, digital animation, 4K, continuous, edition of 6, 2020
Eelco Brand, ZBZ.movi, digital animation, continuous, edition of 6, 2020
Eelco Brand, WT.movi, digital animation, 4k, continuous, edition of 6, 2019
Eelco Brand, ZD.movi, digital animation, continuous, edition of 6, 2019
Eelco Brand, BT.movi, digital animation, continuous, edition of 6, 2019
Eelco Brand, FR.movi, digital animation, continuous, edition of 6, 2019
Eelco Brand, GC.movi, digital animation, continuous, edition of 6, 2019
Eelco Brand, SG.movi, digital animation, continuous, edition of 6, 2019
Eelco Brand, YTY.movi, digital animation, continuous, edition of 6, 2019
Eelco Brand, QU.movi, digital animation, continuous, edition of 6, 2019
Eelco Brand, FL.movi, digital animation, continuous, edition of 6, 2018
Eelco Brand, QTQ.movi, digital animation, 4K, continuous, edition of 6, 2018
Eelco Brand, OooOoOo, marble/granite, 25 x 30 x 25 cm, 2019
Eelco Brand,Video "PT.movi", digital animation, endless, 2018
Eelco Brand,, HD digital animation, mediaplayer, endless, 2017
Eelco Brand,, HD digital animation, mediaplayer, endless, 2017
Eelco Brand, SR, print, 85 x 160 cm, 2015
Eelco Brand, PL.movi, HD digital animation, media player and screen, 60 x 36 cm , 2014
Eelco Brand, SL.movi, HD digital animation, media player and screen, 36 x 60 cm, 2014
Eleco Brand, RR.Movi, HD digital animation, endless, 2018
Eelco Brand, 1.movi, HD digital animation, mediaplayer, 2013
Eelco Brand, RH.digi, print on alu-dibond, 160 x 85 cm, 2013
Eelco Brand, DB.movi, HD digital animation, media player and screen, 97 x 60 cm, 2012
Eelco Brand, YW.movi (still), HD digital animation, endless, 2012


Eelco Brand was born in 1969 in Rotterdam. After experiencing his first artistic recognition for his paintings, he discovered in the early 1990s the computer as an innovative tool to expand his vision on dimensions such as sound and movement. For Eelco this turn to digital art is a logical consequence of the availability and continuous development of new media. He is interested in finding new ways to experiment with modes of perception and to question them again and again. For this purpose he uses the full range of technology available to him.

Eelco Brand sees a major drive for artists in their will to imitate, to double and to improve nature, in his opinion a will deeply rooted in human culture. Visual art always wanted to imitate nature and create ideals of it. Eelco Brand cites these imitations and creations in an ironical way and creates both absurd and surreal objects from it. The nature in his paintings and 3-D animations seems surreal, placing the incidental in the center. With the help of computer technology Eelco Brand brings imitation to its extreme. His simulated reality seems so perfect that only on second sight what seems like nature gets exposed as fiction.

Eelco Brand uses different forms of representation, he creates drawings, paintings and films. What they all have in common is both their irritating and amusing style. The joint feature of his 3-D computer animations is the absence of a narrative structure. They do not reveal more than they show but do point to something mysterious. The dramaturgy of the compositions is determined by the interplay of light and darkness, the coming together of motion and stillness. With its hyper-realistic animations he creates fantastic worlds and forms in sculptural abstraction and detailed precision at the same time. For example he created a series of coloured objects (red object, blue object, yellow object, 2009), placed in a realistic, natural environment, where the plasticity provides an immediate, tactile stimulus to the viewer. But these objects are as enigmatic as they are fictional, they reveal nothing about their history or meaning.

While characterised by an extreme accuracy in modeling, Eelco Brands’ work always shows a sense of irony. In the 3-D animations such as B.movi (2010) we see an absurd jiggling object in an endlessly repetitive motion. Such meditative studies of simple processes intend a reflection of our own perception, they celebrate their rhythmic, flowing movements and their own plasticity, without taking themselves too seriously. Also his drawings seem to mislead our perception. His “pencil drawings” look like computer generated imagery, but are actually drawn by hand.

Eelco is an important representative of 3D art. He lives and works in Breda, Netherlands.

Born 1969 in Rotterdam
1996  Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam
1991/1995  Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam

On display, Massimoligreggi Gallery, Catania, IT
Randomized, Torch Gallery, Amsterdam, NL
Polygons & Polymers, Studio la Città, Verona, Italy

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Brand vol.1 part 1&2, The Wild Side Gallery, Antwerpen, Belgium
Instances, Torch Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
STOP PAUSE PLAY, De Fabriek, Emmen, Netherlands
Digitale animaties, Wild Side Gallery, Antwerpen, Belgium

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The illusionary camera, LIPA, Lumière Gallery, Seoul, South Korea
Persistence of Vision, painting with software, Studio la Città, Verona, Italy
Doganın Plastikligi, Açıkekran New Media Arts Gallery, curated by Ali Akay, Istanbul, Turkey
eelcobrand.moví #2, 38CC, Delft, Netherlands
Slow sculptures, (duo) Heden, Den Haag, Netherlands
eelcobrand.movi, Centrum voor Beeldcultuur, Breda, Netherlands

Matérialisations virtuelles, TORCH Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Dreamality, Gallery Lumière, Seoul, South Korea

Torch Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Espacio Líquido, Gijón, Spain
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Image engineer, Museum de Beyerd, Breda, Netherlands
Marella Arte Contemporanea Gallery, Milan, Italy
PPOW Gallery, New York, USA
Richard Goodall Gallery, Manchester, UK
Torch Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
H.Q.E. Gallery, Calais, France
André Simoens Gallery, Knokke, Belgium
Lokaal 01, Breda

Inside the Outside, pioneers in lens-based media, CODA Museum, Apeldoorn, Netherlands
Razende stilstand, Stedelijk Museum Breda, NL
Today I would like to be a tree, Studio la Città, Verona, IT
Water Reverie, Borusan Contemporary, Istanbul, TR

A sign of things to come, Galerie Ramakers, Den Haag, NL
No PAN this year, Jan van Hoof Galerie, Den Bosch, NL
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Torch Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Lokaal 01, Polygeen, Breda, Netherlands

Publieksprijs Koninklijke Subsidie voor vrije schilderkunst
Arti & Amicitiae award
Buning Brongers award

Eelco Brand: 3rd Lumière International Photography Award. The illusionary camera, LIPA Gallery Lumiere.
Eelco Brand, 2011, DAM GALLERY Berlin.
Eelco Brand, 2007, TORCH Books/ DAM GALLERY Berlin.
Eelco Brand, ‘Verf en Elektronen’, 2003, P-Pers Publishers.
Eelco Brand, ‘Image Engineer’, 2001, TORCH Books.

Collection MUSAC, Museo de arte contemporaneo, León, Spain
Collection Rabobank, Netherlands
Collection Solstice, Norway
Rothschild Collection, Italy
Caldic Collectie Rotterdam, Netherlands
Collection Generali, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Collection Royal House, Netherlands
Collection Noordbrabants Museum Den Bosch, Netherlands
Collection Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken
Collection Gemeente Breda, Netherlands
Private collections: Belgium, Canada, England, Germany, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Russia, USA, South Korea

COMMAND + CONTROL + Q, DAM Berlin, February 26 – April 30, 2022
FORWARD IN A CIRCLE, DAM Berlin, Online Show
SUMMER SPLASH 5, DAM Berlin, 13 July – 07 September 2019
SUMMER SPLASH 4, DAM Berlin, 23 June – 31 July 2018
ELECTROPIA, DAM Berlin, 8 April –  9 June 2017
STILL, MOVING, MATERIALIZED, DAM Berlin, 31 March – 23 May 2015
BACK TO BACK, DAM Frankfurt, 20 February – 4 May 2013
THE ACT OF BRINGING TO LIFE, DAM Berlin, 22 February – 13 April 2013
FIELD OF VIEW EXTENTED, DAM Berlin, 2 April – 21 April 2011
FIELD OF VIEW, DAM Cologne, 17 November 2010 – 15 January 2011
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