Lorna Mills, Doggeh, GIF, Edition of 3, 2015
Lorna Mills, Clouds, GIF, Edition of 3, 2015
Lorna Mills, Dear, GIF, Edition of 3, 2015
Lorna Mills, Mountain Light/Time, GIF, Edition of 3, 2015
Lorna Mills, Jelly, GIF, Edition of 3, 2015
Lorna Mills, Tree Liner, GIF, Edition of 3, 2015
Lorna Mills, Waterfalls, GIF, Edition of 3, 2015
Lorna Mills, River, GIF, Edition of 3, 2015
Lorna Mills, Linguine Primavera, GIF, Edition of 3, 2013
Lorna Mills, Mountain Drive (Cold Drive), GIF, Edition of 2, 2015


Canadian artist Lorna Mills has actively exhibited her work in both solo and group exhibitions since the early 1990’s, both in Canada and internationally. Her practice has included obsessive Ilfochrome printing, obsessive painting, obsessive super 8 film & video, and obsessive on-line animated GIFs incorporated into restrained off-line installation work.

She has also co-curated monthly group GIF projections for the “Sheroes” performance series in Toronto, a group GIF projection event “When Analog Was Periodical” in Berlin with Anthony Antonellis, and a four person GIF installation, “:::Zip The Bright:::” at Trinity Square Video in Toronto, with Sara Ludy, Nicolas Sassoon and Rick Silva. Lorna Mills’ most recent project, “Ways of Something” is a collaborative remake of the 1972 John Berger documentary “Ways of Seeing”, episodes one through four, featuring 113 networked artists.

Lorna Mills is represented by Transfer Gallery in Brooklyn, New York.

Information Technology Design Centre, U of T, and Digital Media Studios, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Transmediale, Akademie der Künste, Berlin, Germany
Community of Those Who have Nothing in Common pt. 1, Distant.gallery, Berlin, Germany
DYOR, Kunsthalle Zurich, Switzerland
From Net Art to Post-Internet, Thomas Erben Gallery, NYC, USA
Art and the Blockchain, Rozenstraat 59, Amsterdam, Netherlands
GogBot Festival, commission for PLANETART, Enschede, Netherlands
Critical Proximity, group, curated by Erandy Vergara, for OBORO, Montreal, Canada
Pieces of Me, group, curated by Wade Wallerstein, for TRANSFER, Internet
Boost Presume I’m Going to Breate Grieved, collab.w/Sally Mckay, curated by Rea McNamara for Hyperallergic, New York City, USA
Why Sentience?, group, curated by Erandy Vergara for ISEA, Montreal, Canada
Well Now WTF?, group, curated by Faith Holland, Lorna Mills & Wade Wallerstein, Internet
stick.t.me, group, curated by Zentrum für Netzkunst for Panke Gallery, Berlin, Germany
Copy/Paste, group, curated by Antonio Roberts for Piksel, Bergen, Norway
For Better or Worse, group, curated by Tomke Braun & Daniela Seitz for Kunstverein Gottingen, Gottingen, Germany
Re-figure-ground, group, curated by Kelani Nicole for Arbyte London, London, UK
Refiguring Binaries, group, curated by Kelani Nicole for Pioneer Works, Brooklyn, USA
Touching from a Distance II, group, curated by Tina Sauerlander for The Goethe Institute Toronto, Canada
Ghost Jets, solo, curated by Anneka Herre for Urban Screen at the Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse, USA
Glamour & Vapours, two person, curated by Derrick Chang for the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie, Grand Prairie, Canada
Dutyfreed, solo, curated by Vincent Auvray for l’Unique centre d’Art, Caen, France
Simulations in Hyperspace, group, curated by Kelani Nichole for Thoma Foundation, Santa Fe, USA
URL:IRL group, curated by Jennifer Matotek, Blair Fornwald, Wendy Peart for Dunlop Art Gallery, Regina, Canada
Ungentrified (2018 edition) Gif installation, curated by Konstanze Schütze for dgtlfmnsm Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden, Germany
The Great Code solo Transfer Gallery, Brooklyn, USA
Noise group curated by Mert Keskin/Seyhan Musa for Orjin Sana, Istanbul, Turkey
The Channelers group curated by Decoy Magazine for EMMEDIA, Calgary, Canada
Sunrise/Sunset, net art commission curated by Christiane Paul for The Whitney Museum’s online Artport, USA
Wetland, animated gif commission curated by Jason Eppink for Museum of the Moving Image, Queens, USA
Transfer Download, group curated by Kelani Nicole for HEK, Basel CHand Chronus Art Center Shanghai, China
Dreamlands: Immersive Cinema and Art, group, curated by Chrissie Iles, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, USA
Transfer Download, group curated by Kelani Nicole for The Current Museum New York, USA
Colour Fields, eight channel installation at the Athens Digital Arts Festival, Athens, Greece
Mountain Light/Time, solo installation, curated by Times Square Arts and the Moving Image Festival, Times Square NYC, USA
Digitra, group, curated by Ennio Bianco for TRA Gallery, Treviso, Italy
Virtual Body – Der Mensch in der giditalen Kunst group, NRW- Forum Dusseldorf, Germany
Stop and Go, group, curated by Valentina Tanni & Saverio Verini for smART – polo per l’arte, Rome, Italy
At play in the Fields of the Lord, (solo) Transfer Gallery, Brooklyn, USA
DRKRM, (group) curated by Wolf Lieser, DAM Gallery, Berlin, Germany
10 Years at the Zoo, (group) curated by Carlos Saez and Marisol Salanova, Centro de Creacion Contempoorania, Valencia, Spain
Imitation of Life, (group) curated by Crystal Mowry for KWAG, Kitchener-Waterloo, Canada
Carnival of Sorts, (three person) curated by Jacqueline Maybe/failed projects for G Gallery, Toronto, Canada
Relational Changes, (group) curated by _Cointemporary for Christine Konig Galerie, Vienna, Austria
Abrupt Diplomat, (solo) McLuhan Salon, Canadian Embassy for Transmediale, Berlin, Germany
Digital Conditions, (group) Kunstverein Hannover, Hannover, Germany
#LocalNon #Sculpture, (group) curated by Florian kuhlman, for Athens Digital Artys Festival, Athens, Greece
Spamm Virtualism, (group) curated by Helena Acosta & Systaime, Babycastles, NYC, Eklus, Paris & Electromuseum, Moscow, Russia
La Rambleta, (group) curated by Carlos Saez & Emilio Gomariz, Valencia, Spain
First Look, (group) curated by Jason Eppink for The Museum of the Moving Image, New York, USA
Unoriginal Genius, (group) curated by Domenico Quaranta for Carroll/Fletcher Gallery, London, UK
Coded After Lovelace, (group) curated by Nora O’Murchu and Faith Holland for Neon Digital Arts Festival, Dundee, Scotland
Flickering Formalism, (solo) curated by RM Vaughan for ISEA, Dubai, UE
Wallpapers, (group) curated by Nicolas Sassoon, Sara Ludy & Sylvain Sailly, for Newforms Festival, Vancouver, Canada
Life and People, (3 person) curated by Caitlin Jones & Sarah Todd for Western Front, Vancouver, Canada
Megarave-Metarave, (group) curated by Raffael Dorig for Kunsthaus Langenthal, Switzerland
The House in the Sky, (group) Hayward Gallery, London UK
Gifbytes, (group) curated by Daniel Roarke for Bitrates, Shiraz Artists Gallery, Shiraz, Iran
Dashboard, (group) curated by Kamilia Kard & David Quiles Guillo, Kalpany Artspace, Milano, Italy
META, (group) curated by David Quiles Guillo, for 180 Creative Camp, Abrantes, Portugal
#LocalNonOffLine, (group) curated by Florian Kuhlmann, Ebertplatz, Cologne, Germany
Money Works Part 2, (group) curated by Tina Sauerländer for Haus am Lutzowplatz, Berlin, Germany
Crazy, Sexy, Cool, (group) curated by Jennifer Chan for .dpi, Montreal, Canada
SPAMM: Dulce, (group) Caracas Museum of Contemporary Art, Caracas, Venezuela
The Axis of Something, (solo) curated by Kelani Nichole at Transfer Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
_MON3Y AS AN 3RRR0R, (group) curated by Vasily Zaitsev, online.
Economics and The Immaterial, (group) curated by Nora O’Murchu, Rua Red, Dublin, Ireland
Refresh: Internet Art in the Digital Age, curated by Chelsea Pettitt, for Remotespace online.
Gordian Conviviality, (group) curated by Max Schreier, for Import Projects, Berlin, Germany
Monaddigital WebExpo, (group) curated by Mathieu Delourme, Nomade Gallery, Hangzhou, China
Virtual Verbs, (group) curated by Molly Richards, online.
Ivory Tower, (group) curated by Kaitlynd O´Doherty & Sarah Pater, FJORD Gallery, Philadelphia, USA
:::ZIP THE BRIGHT:::, (4 Persons) curated by Lorna Mills for Trinity Square Video, Toronto, Canada & Kenderdine Gallery, Saskatoon, Canada
OFFLINE ART: Hardcore, (group) curated by Aram Barthol for Kasseler Kunstverein, Kassel, Germany
Parcel, (group) curated by Rollin Leonard, Bronx Art Space, Bronx, NY, USA
Decenter , (group) curated by Andrianna Campbell and Daniel S. Palmer, for Abrams Art Center, NY, USA
SPAMM: Safari, (group) curated by Michael Borras, Sao Paulo, Brazil & Chicago, USA
[Street _Team], (group) curated by Alfredo Salazar-Caro, various projection locations, New York, USA
Polyester, (solo) curated by Manuel Fernandez, Domaine Gallery, on-line (Spain)
Hello AMIGA , (group) video commissioning project for Toronto Animated Image Society, TSV Gallery Toronto, Canada
#101112, (group) curated by Nina Wenhart, Spacebar Galleries, Linz, Austria
Atlanta Billboard Project, (group) Outdoor billboard animation, Atlanta, USA
Exciting Virtuals, (group) curated by Georges Jacotey, Drama, Greece
RE: Arrange, (group) curated by Patrick Macaulay, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, Canada
Born in 1987, (group) curated by Katrina Sluis, The Photographer’s Gallery, London, UK
#D, (group) curated by Giselle Zatonyl, Bronx Art Space, Bronx, NY
ROJA/NOVA Money 2, collaboration with Yoshi Sodeoka & Plink Flojd for Mitte, Sao Paolo, Brazil & Barcelona, Spain
IRL SPAMM, (group) at Les Transnumeriques #4, curated by Thomas Cheneseau + SYSTAIME, Galleries in Brussels, Belgium
The Material Glitch: Technoscience Gone Wild, (group) Quinary Art Projects, Vancouver, Canada
Video Violence. optional commemoration and the future, (group), Kunsthaus Dresden , Germany
Evil is Interesting, (group) curated by Michael Workman/Antidote Projects at Antena, Chicago, USA
Graphics Interchange Format, (group) curated by Paddy Johnson, Denison University, Granville, USA
5caaarr3d &anp PR0f4nee, (group) curated by Rollin Leonard, Peake Island, Maine, USA
Operatic Narcoleptic, curated by Chiara Passa, Widget Art Gallery, iPhone project, Rome, Italy
Special Ellipse, (group) curated by Ryan Watkins-Hughes, The Front, New Orleans, USA
Zen Dog Somewalls, curated by Chris Ashley, Oakland, California, USA
Titles 6 & 7, (group) curated by Yam Lau, Sunny Kerr & Tania Ursomarzo The MacLaren Art Centre, Barrie &Musée d’art de Joliette, Quebec, Canada
Reply All, web project curated by Art Metropole and SAVAC
Persona Volare: Expo, Tom Thomson Gallery, Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada
Titles 5, , (group) curated by Yam Lau, Sunny Kerr & Tania Ursomarzo Art Metropole, Toronto, Canada
La petite mort de l’art Video, installation for Images festival at Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, Canada
Titles 4 , (group) curated by Yam Lau, Sunny Kerr & Tania Ursomarzo, Forest City Gallery/Attic Books, London, UK
Titles 3 Articule Gallery, Librairie L’Écume des Jours, Montreal, Canada
English (2007 video edition) at The International Festival of Authors, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, Canada
Stripes, (group) curated by Ginny Kollak, Tang Museum, Saratoga Springs, New York, USA
Honeytrap, (solo) curated by Cheryl Sourkes, Akau, Toronto, Canada
Granite Club, (group) w/Persona Volare, curated by Anne O´Callaghan, Tree Museum, Muskoka, Canada
Road North/Road South, (group) w/Persona Volare, curated by Patrick Macaulay, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, Canada
Titles 2, (group) curated by Yam Lau, Sunny Kerr & Tania Ursomarzo, Art Gallery of University of Massachusetts / Amherst Books, Amherst, USA
Mods & Rockers, (group) curated by Sally McKay for digifest, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, Canada
Alpha Beta Data, (group) curated by Cheryl Sourkes, Akau, Toronto, Canada
Placed, (group) curated by Patrick Macaulay, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, Canada
Canadian Club, (group) w/Persona Volare, Canadian Cultural Centre, Paris, France & Rodman Hall, St. Catherines, Canada
Time Lag, (group) curated by Janet Bellotto, Sonnet Projects, Basel, Switzerland.
Reality Show, (solo) curated by Stuart Reid, The Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa, Canada
Reality Show, (solo) curated by Stuart Reid, Tom Thomson Art Gallery, Owen Sound, Canada
Persona Cantare, (group) site specific, Toronto, Canada
Happy Valley, w/ David Acheson curated by Corinna Ghaznavi, Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff, Canada
Swarm, (group) curated by Stuart Reid Tom Thomson Art Gallery, Owen Sound, Canada
Shout at Eternity, (group) curated by Janet Belloto, Piscine Saint Michel, Montreal, Canada
Great Lakes, (group) at Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, Canada
Persona Volare, (group) site specific, Toronto, Canada
Meat/Viande, (group) Gallery 418, Montreal, Canada
Redrospective, (group) Red Head Gallery, Toronto, Canada
Meat, (group) site specific,Toronto, Canada
She Speaks to Me, curated by Laura McGough, Video Archeology Festival, Sofia, Bulgaria
Mox Nox in Rem, w/Gunilla Josephson, Leena KUUMULA, Helsinki, Finland
Cross-eyed, (group) site specific, Toronto, Canada
Body and Soul, (two person) w/Natalie Olanick, The Red Head Gallery, Toronto, Canada
Limousine, (group), The Centre for Better Living, Toronto, Canada
Juicy Fruit, (group) curated by John Massier, Loggia Gallery, Koffler Centre, North York, Canada, and Art gallery Of Durham, Durham, Canada
Away, (group), The Red Head Gallery, Toronto, Canada, and OO gallery, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Literal, (solo), The Red Head Gallery, Toronto, Canada
Red Head Light, (group), Grunt Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
Will You Go Out With Me?, (group) curated by Sara Kellner Hall Walls, Buffalo, New York, USA
Retail, (solo), The Red Head Gallery, Toronto, Canada
Manifesto-Complaint-Prayer, Collaboration with Julie Voyce, The Red Head Gallery, Toronto, Canada
By Hand, (3 Person Show) curated by April Hickox, Gallery 44, Toronto, Canada
Space-Time-Colour, (solo), Red Head Gallery, Toronto, Canada
Unnatural Selection, (group) Inaugural Installation, The Red Head Gallery, Toronto, Canada

Canada Council Long Term Grant, Canada Council for the Arts, Canada
Chalmers Arts Fellowship, Chalmers Foundation, Ontario Arts Council, Canada
Travel grant, Canada Council for the Arts, Canada
Persona Volare Group Project Grant, Ontario Arts Council, Canada
Senior Artist Grant, Toronto Arts Council, Canada
Senior Artist Grant, Ontario Arts Council, Canada
Exhibition Assistance, Ontario Arts Council, Canada
Senior Artist Grant, Toronto Arts Council, Canada
Pollock – Krasner Foundation Grant, New York, USA
Persona Volare Group Project Grant, Ontario Arts Council, Canada
Persona Volare Group Project Grant, Toronto Arts Council, Canada
Individual Artist Grant, Ontario Arts Council, Canada
Exhibition Assistance, Ontario Arts Council, Canada
Exhibition Assistance, Ontario Arts Council Canada
Individual Artist Grant, Ontario Arts Council, Canada

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COMMAND + CONTROL + Q, DAM Berlin, February 26 – April 30, 2022
DRKRM, DAM Berlin, October 30, 2015 – January 16, 2016