Patrick Lichty, A Profound Lack of Comprehension, Tapisserie, 152 x 203 cm, 2013
Patrick Lichty, Nudes 3, Birke, Laser-Gravur, 61 x 30 cm, 1997 - 2005
Patrick Lichty, Nudes 1, Birke, Laser-Gravur, 61 x 30 cm, 1997 - 2005
Patrick Lichty, ARTIFACTS 2015, Ausstellungsansicht
Patrick Lichty, ARTIFACTS 2015, Ausstellungsansicht
Patrick Lichty, ARTIFACTS 2015, Ausstellungsansicht
Patrick Lichty, ARTIFACTS 2015, Fail, Edition 1 +1 A/P, Tapisserie, 152 x 203 cm, 2014
Patrick Lichty, ARTIFACTS 2015, Orange Alert, Edition 1+1 A/P, Tapisserie, 152 x 203 cm, 2003-2014


Patrick Lichty ist ein Konzeptkünster, Kurator und Theoretiker der sich damit beschäftigt, wie die Medien unsere Wahrnehmung der Realität formen sowie die Grenzen zwischen dem Digitalen und der Materie erforscht. Er ist am besten bekannt für seine Arbeit mit der Künstlergruppe für virtuelle Realität “Second Front” und als Mitglied der Aktivistengruppe “The Yes Men”. Lichty ist Stipendiat der CalArts/Herb Alpert Foundation und Teilnehmer der Whitney Biennale als Teil des Kollektivs RTMark. Er hat bei zahlreichen internationalen Biennalen und Triennalen (Yokohama, Venedig, Performa, Maribor, Turin, Sundance) ausgestellt und bei Konferenzen (ISEA, SIGGRAPH, Popular Culture Association, SLSA, SxSW) präsentiert. Sein aktuelles Buch “Variant Analyses: Interrogation of New Media Culture” wurde vom Insitute for Networked Culture herausgegeben und ist Teil des Oxford Handbook of Virtuality. Lichty lehrt Digital Studio Practice an der Pecck School of the Arts in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

MFA, Digital Art/Critical Theory Bowling Green State University
University of Akron, Akron, Ohio (BSEET)
Baccalaureate in Electronic Engineering Technology (Electives in Business, Art and Asian Studies)
University of Akron, Akron, Ohio (AASET)
Associate of Applied Science in Electronic Engineering Technology

2013 – University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee: Digital Studio Practice
2012 – Concordia University, Montreal: Ongoing Visiting Researcher in Theory and Interactivity, SenseLab
2006-13 Columbia College Chicago: Assistant Professor, Department of Interactive Arts & Media

(verschoben) NYU AD Project Space, Semantics of Other Intelligences; AI Arbeiten
Artifacts, DAM GALLERY Berlin
MCF, Barristers’ Gallery, New Orleans, LA
The Secret Collection, (Edition/Performance for Regional Chicago, IL
Ex Nihilo, What It Is Gallery, Chicago, IL
In State, GrandArts Gallery, Kansas City, MO (Performance)
Patrick Lichty: Logged In/Logged Out, Faculty Center, Columbia College Chicago, IL
Chimera: The Work of Patrick Lichty, Odyssey Performance Art Center
Acting as Aliens (w/Gazira Babeli) Galerija Kapelica, Ljubiana, Slovenien
Summer of Love 2.0, Chicago MCA, Chicago, IL
Spire Reloaded, Antena Gallery, Chicago, IL
The Reality Principle, Barristers Gallery, New Orleans, LA
Zen for Bot Barristers’ Gallery, New Orleans, LA
Secret Messages, MFA Thesis Exhibition, Bowling Green State University, OH
die wunderkammer – Barrister’s Gallery, New Orleans, LA
8 Bits or Less Live – Sea Lion Studio, Bowling Green Ohio, OH
United My ASS!”, video installation, Firehouse 9, Houston, TX
Video Screening, Zeitgeist Media Center, New Orleans, LA
Robots and Imagemachines Kent State University, Canton, Ohio
Metaphor and Terrain – Metanarratives in New Media Art, Leonardo Electronic Almanac Gallery
Selected Works, Diebold Center for Advanced Technology, Canton, Ohio
Selected Works, Stark State College of Technology, Canton, Ohio
Cyberculture of the Image Research Center for Cyberculture Studies – University of Maryland
Selected Works, Millworks Gallery, Akron, Ohio
Neonworks & Digital Canvas, Akron City Club Gallery, Akron, Ohio
Digital Café: Little Art Gallery, N. Canton, Ohio
Digital Works, Northwestern College, Grove City, IA
Bright Lights, Small City, Valley Art Center, Chagrin Falls, OH
Voice of the Digital Prairie, Taylor Memorial Gallery, Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Into the Net, Two Sisters Cafe, Akron, OH
Liquid Light, Banana Rodeo Gallery, Austintown, OH

Sikka Art Festival, Dubai, UAE Googled Earth, w. N. Ehtesabian
Ø U T BBB R E∆ K!!!, Altered Data Gallery, D. Dom Barra, Kurator
Berlin International Literature Festival, Berlin,  Reading a Writer (Who is in Prison) 
w/N. Ehtesabian
Nation 2.0, Dubai (Confinement Spaces), Kommission
One Second Art Festival (Noemata,net) 5 1-Sekunde-Arbeiten zum Thema “Home”
Hotel Dada (unabhängige Fluxus Ausstellung, online)
NEoN Art Festival, Dundee, curatorial project, “Yeni Esthetik: Works from West Asia”
NSTI National Science Fair, Dubai, UAE, Robotic art Kommission
Wrong Biennial, Epicenter, Alicante, Spanien (Video)
Online Performance Art Festival, Belgrad, Serbien Writing for 4 Hands w/ N. Ehtesabian
Spamm_Eternity, Valencia, ES Outside of my Mind Video
Fluxfest 2019, Los Angeles, CA Fluxus Blanket
Ras al Khaimah Art Festival, RAK, UAE Not Exactly What I Meant to Say, Kalligraphie Serie
Emerge III, Venice, IT, Robotic Drawings
 Beyond the Screen, Sao Paulo, BR
Nomadic Tapestries, Boca Raton Museum of Art (With Kiki Smith, W. Kentridge) Orange Alert
Sikka Art Festival, Dubai Robotic Works
Ramadan Arcade, Manarat Al Saddiyat, Abu Dhabi, World Without End
Distance Between Us, Open Space Art Space, Victoria BC CA, Tapete von  SSTV Arbeiten
Ras al Khaimah Art Festival, Ras al Khaimah, UAE
Terrain Biennial, Chicago
Duntoria, NEoN Art Festival, Dundee, Schottland
Vicapore, Open Space Art Space, Victoria BC CA
Dadaclub Online/Dada 100 Exhibition, Link Art Center, Brescia, IT Catcus (After Man Ray)
Real-Fake 2.0, Bronx Art Space, NYC
NarGIFsus, curated C. Gannis & T Sauerlander, TRANSFER Gallery und PeerToSpace Online
Domestic Cliches, DAM Berlin Gallery, September 2015, Berlin
Aesthetica, DAM Berlin Gallery, May 2015, Berlin
Various Works, FLUXFEST Chicago, 6018 North Gallery, Chicago
Second Life Videos, FILE Festival, Sao Paulo, BR
Subterranean Slow-Scan Blues, Transmediale, Berlin
Subterranean Slow-Scan Blues, Dead Technologies, Glass Curtain Gallery, Chicago, IL
Fail Tapestries, 404: File Not Found, Co-Prosperity Sphere, Chicago, IL
3Debord Detournments (W/ Mackenzie Wark), Internet/NYC/Thingiverse.Com
Stochastic Slide, Generative Art Conference 2013, Milan, Italy
The Private Life of a Drone, Here Come The Drones, HTTP Gallery, London, Großbritannien
The Private Life of a Drone, Antiatlas of Borders, Marseilles, Frankreich
Silent Spring (W/ Mark Skwarek), AR2View, CAA, NYC
Bushwick Augmented Reality Intervention 2013 (W/Mark Skwarek, Bushwick Open Studios
The Innocence of Islam Petition (W/Skwarek, Bourkis), Worldwide
My Night, Your Day (Collective) University of North Texas, Denton, Texas
Drone of Love (W/Mark Skwarek), Bushwick Open Studios, NYC
La Cura, w/Salvatore Iaconesi (action involving live MRI tumor information and 3D Printing)
Second Front’s Babula Rasa, Zero01 Biennial, San Jose, CA
AR Love Bombers, Chicago Nato Summit, Chicago, IL
Stochastic Slide, FILE Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brasilien
Tapestries and Invisible Graffiti, Invisible, Co-Prosperity Sphere, Chicago, IL
Criswell was Right, File Type, Gallery 400, University of Illinois at Chicago
Symphony, TED Conference (as part of GE Imaginarium exhibition)
Hearts a Bluhm, Charity Exhibition Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago, IL
Second Life Works, NEXT Art Fair, Chicago, IL
Invaders/Orange Alert, Gradually Melt the Sky, Heaven Gallery, Brooklyn, NYC
The Mooninites Return, Boston Cyberarts Fest, Boston ICA, Boston MA
Works, Cura Bodrum Residency Exhibition, Bodrum, Türkei
We AR in MoMA, (W/Mark Skwarek) Museum of Modern Art, NYC
Bushwick Intervention, Manifest.AR, Bushwick, NYC
Sketchbook about Arzu Ozkal, Sketchbook Project, Brooklyn Art Library, NYC
Hansen-Ono Piano Method, Odyssey Performance Art Festival, London, Großbritannien
Dido’s Lament, Zeitgeist Performance Festival, DeBalie, Amsterdam, Niederlande
Hansen-Ono Piano Method, Fluxfest Columbia College Chicago
Umbrella Project, Liminality Exhibition, Antena Gallery, Chicago, IL
Second Life Works, TransForm, Boston Cyberarts Festival, Boston, MA
EnCrypted (performance), Eyebeam Art & Technology Altelier, NYC
Second Front’s Noise Ratio, Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts des Algiers
CodePortraits, Doppelganger, National Portrait Gallery of Australia
Eschelon. (re)Load, Antena Gallery, Chicago, IL
Suburban Meditation, (All)American, Salt Lake Arts Center, UT
Duchamp Goes to FEMA, Prospect ONE Biennial/St. Claude Collective, New Orleans, LA
Art in the Age of Dataflow, Networked, Commission by, University of Nevada, Reno, Joseph DeLappe, Kurator
Hansen-Ono Piano Method, UPGRADE! Bienniale, Skopje, Mazedonien
Dream Umbrellas, RMB City, Yokohama Trienniale, Yokohama, Japan
Second Front’s ‘Gates of Hell’, IMAL Center, Brüssel, Belgien
Snofall, Bits, Switches, and Glitches, Alogon Galelry, Chicago, IL
goDiva of the iCommons, ISummit 07, Dubrovnik, Kroatien
Mooninite Space Invaders, The Art of Play, Gallery 416, Chicago, IL
Eschelon video, Eschelon: Who’s Watching You?. Polvo Gallery, Chicago, IL
Elvis Toast, Transmediale II. Gosia Koscielak Gallery, Chicago, IL
Installation, Propagations; Polvo Gallery, Chicago IL
Installation, Melbourne Digital Design Bienniale 2005 Melbourne, Australien
Selected Works, RHIZOME ARTBASE 101 New Museum, NYC
Dreaming of a more better future, Cleveland Art Institute, Cleveland, OH
Made In China: Uncle Mao/Chairman Andy, SIGGRAPH Art Gallery, L.A., CA
8 Ball Bust O’ Lenin, Hydriataphia, Barristers’ Gallery, New Orleans, LA
8 Bits or Less, Mobile Exposure, DiverseWorks, Houston, TX
Video Screening, Zeitgeist Media Center, New Orleans, LA
Portraits in 8 Bits or Less, SIGGRAPH Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
8 Bits or Less, VersionFest 04, Chicago MCA, Chicago, IL
Installation, Infinite Fill Pattern, Foxy Production Gallery, NYC
Imaging Ourselves, non-digital self-portraits, kuratiert von Michael Spakowski
Image, Joywar Project,
CENTER Project, various locations, Los Angeles, CA
Ritornello, Bedroom Politics, Brüssel, Belgien
The Price of a Beer, Jazzfest Alt Poster show – Barrister’s Gallery, New Orleans
Atari 8 Bit Meltdown, Art in the Dark – Oculus Gallery, Baton Rouge, LA
8 Bits or Less, Canal Street Projection Project, New Orleans, LA
8 Bits or Less, SIGGRAPH Art Gallery, San Antonio, TX
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8 Bits or Less, Maxis Symposium, Brighton, UK
Read_me 2.3 Software Art Festival Media Centre Lume, Helsinki, Finnland
Video Screening, Zeitgeist Media Center, New Orleans, LA
The History of Corporate Slavery Since 1785, Louisiana Purchase – A critical exhibition, Barristers Gallery, New Orleans, LA
8 Bits or Less,, Brüssel, Belgien
8 Bits or Less, Low – Tech Hijinks, ATA Gallery, Valencia, CA
Assoniations, Digital Louisiana, New Orleans CAC, New Orleans, LA
Video Selection, VersionFest 02, Chicago Museum of Cont. Art, Chicago, IL
8 Bits or Less, ElectroFringe 02, Newcastle, Australien
Cloud Paintings, Art in the Dark – Oculus Gallery, Baton Rouge, LA
Video Screening, Zeitgeist Media Center, New Orleans, LA
8 Bits or Less, ISEA2002 Gallery, Nagoya, Japan
8 Ball Bust O’ Lenin, Lenin Bust-ed, Barristers’ Gallery, New Orleans, LA
8 Bits or Less, Independent Exposure Film Festival, San Francisco, CA
8 Bits or Less, Outhouse Film Festival, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
8 Bits or Less, Festival of New Media Split, Split, Kroatien
8 Bits or Less, Bedroom Politics, Brüssel, Belgien
8 Bits or Less, Independent Exposure, Houston, Texas
8 Bits or Less, Lo-Tech Festival, London, Großbritannien
Text Interventions Bienniale de Venezia (Slovenian Pavilion w/Vuk Cosic), Venedig, Italien
8 Bits or Less MediaLounge, MediaCentre UK
SPRAWL – The American Landscape in Transition Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington DC
8 Bits or Less Split Festival of New Film, Split, Kroatien
Net_Working Watershed Media Centre, Bristol, Großbritannien
Videolisboa, Lissabon, Portugal
Microwave International Media Art Festival, Hong Kong, China
SPRAWL: The American Landscape in Transition, Casting A Net, McNeal Project for the Arts, McNeal VA
Utopia Decieved – School of the Art Institute, Chicago, IL
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8th New York Digital Salon, New York, NY
Demo or Die – Squeaky Wheel, Buffalo, NY
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Shock of the View, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN
Artists of Rubber City 20th Anniversary Retrospective Show, Akron, OH
ART-O-MATIC – Boston Art Fair, Boston, MA
Annual May Show, Little Art Gallery of North Canton, Ohio
NOVA Group Exhibition, Brenda Kroos Gallery, Cleveland, OH
Juried Digital Art Exhibition, Oblate Gallery, Modesto, CA
Digital Sorcery, Woodstock Center for Photography. Woodstock, NY
All Ohio Juried Show Pearl Conard Gallery, Ohio State University
ArtBytes, San Francisco Exploratorium, San Francisco, CA
Juried Fantasy Art Competition, Glass Onion Gallery, Brookfield, CT
Digital Art Exhibition, Altered Reality Gallery, Melbourne, Australien
Fantasy Art Show Glass Onion Gallery, Brookfield, CT
Digital Art Show, Almond Tea Gallery, Akron, OH
Regional Artists’ Show Mayer Art Gallery, Akron, OH
Annual May Show, Little Art Gallery of North Canton, Ohio
Regional Artists’ Exhibition, Massillon Museum, Massillon, OH
Glenmoor Automotive Art Glenmoor Country Club, Jackson, OH
Regional Artists’ Show, Mayer Art Gallery, Akron, OH
Annual May Show, Little Art Gallery of North Canton, Ohio
Regional Artists’ Exhibition, Massillon Museum, Massillon, OH
DePaul Center/DePaul University, Chicago, IL
New York Digital Salon School of Visual Art, NYC
The Human Form, Silicon Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
Annual May Show, Little Art Gallery of North Canton, Ohio
5th Digital Art Exhibit, MultiMedia Arts Gallery, NYC
Figuration – The Human Figure CompuServe/Gallery One, San Francisco, CA
Fractal Design Corporation Gallery, Carpinteria, CA
Mayer Art Gallery, Akron, OH
Mindpower Art Gallery, Reedsport, OR
LOVE/HATE, Banana Rodeo Gallery, Austintown, OH
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Cybernetic Arts Festival of Frankfurt, Deutschland
Fractal Design Corporation Traveling Exhibition, Carpinteria, CA
Massillon Museum Regional, Massillon, OH
East Shore Art Show, Baltimore MD LagrangeCon Art Show, Cleveland, OH
Annual Outdoor (Neon) Light Show, SUNY Alfred, Alfred, NY
Kent Performance Art Festival, Kent, Ohio
Stark County May Show, N Canton, OH

Kyrgyz Land Art Residency, (verschoben wegen Covid), Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Lazy Art Residency, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Visiting Artist Residency/Workshop (Studio in Your Hand), US Consulate, Almaty, Kazakhstan
Federal Research Cluster Initiative (UAE), Immersive Media
Thoma Foundation Arts Writing Fellowship Nominee
Nohl Foundation Suitcase Grant ($1000)
Second Tier Finalist, Creative Capital Grant (Part of “On Our Radar” Program)
Illinois State Arts Council Large Project Grant
Virginia Center for the Creative Arts Residency
Concordia University Senselab Residency, “Into the Midst”
Second Tier finalist, Creative Capital Grant (Part of “On Our Radar” Program)
Second Tier Finalist, Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship
Honorary Artist In Residence, GrandArts Foundation, Kansas City, MO
Honorary Artist in Residence, Eyebeam Art & Technology Atelier, NYC
Artist in Residence/Facilitator, Cura Bodrum Residency, Bodrum, Türkei
Honorary Artist in Residence, Eyebeam Art & Technology Atelier, NYC
Commission, Art in the Age of Dataflow,
Invitee, Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Curatorial Studies
CRUMB Curatorial Program, University of Sunderland, Großbritannien
Artist-in-Residence, iCommons Summit, Dubrovnik, Kroatien & USC Annenberg
University of Akron New Media Arts Fellowship/Artist In Residence
Louisiana Division of the Arts Mini-Grant
Finalist, Creative Capital Grant
Louisiana Division of the Arts Mini-Grant
Rockefeller Foundation Sustaining Grant, Intelligent Agent
Herb Alpert Foundation/CalArts Fellowship (Film/Video)
Louisiana Division of the Arts Mini-Grant
Daniel Langlois Foundation Grant
Finalist, Creative Capital Grant
Nominee, Rockefeller Foundation New Media Fellowship
Smithsonian American Art Museum New Century/New Media Award
Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria – Honorable Mention
Blumenthal Foundation Grant

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