Preview Manfred Mohr “Transit-Code”

Manfred Mohr Preview

Manfred Mohr (here with Wolfgang Staehle) was one of the first artists I met in the mid-1990s and opened a whole new world for me. The algorithm as art. And all that was based on the cube. This strict and puristic strategy of constantly changing the subject over and over again brings about fascinating, new aesthetic events, even after 40 years. Once you get into it the software piece with its endless variations will make you feel surprised. For the first time, the latest issue of “Transit-Code” shows a series of new works that Mohr has been working on for the past two years. The result is a composition consisting of concentric circles and black lines with a thick center line structure. The images are light and airy, they almost disappear, a contrast to the previous series, which often appeared very intense in color or even on a black background. Again references to music, the second great passion of Mohr, which already manifested in the exhibition “Visual, Musical” of 2016.