Summer Splash, group exhibition, 2012, exhibition view
Summer Splash, group exhibition, 2012, exhibition view
Summer Splash, group exhibition, 2012, exhibition view







12 MAY – 14 JULY 2012

Opening: 11th May 2012, 7 – 9 pm

The exhibition SUMMER SPLASH focuses on the experimental usage of different materials and formats in the works of five artists represented by the gallery. Through a variety of practices – from ASCII-Art (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) to iPad-gestures, from 3D prints, through animation and sculpture – a number of digital techniques are on display, offering an interesting mix of form. Playful in nature, the work bears moments of surprise, offering the visitor new perspectives.

Vuk Ćosić (* 1966, Belgrade), reknowned as a pioneer of the net art movement in the 1990ies, presents his ASCII-film classic Singing in the Rain (1999) next to the print Bang (2010).

Evan Roth (* 1978, USA), also known as one of the founding members of the Graffiti Research Lab, will be showing prints from his series Multi-Touch Finger Paintings next to the Propulsion Paintings, a series of objects and prints reminiscent of readymades, left overs from his micro interventions in urban space.

Eelco Brand (* 1969, Rotterdam) will present two further pieces of his 3D-animation series, entitled und, where nature appears to be imitated, only to be turned into the absurd and surmounted into the surreal on second glance.

Another master of 3D-art, Gerhard Mantz (* 1950, Neu-Ulm), will display two of his new large format c-prints as part of his series Abstraction. In both paintings, Dune (2011) and Christobal (2010), the effect of colour, form and light are being examined from the perspective of painting.

Marius Watz (*1973, Norway) presents his new works Probability Lattice (2012), a series of 3D printed micro sculptures as abstract, architectural shapes. Watz’s ArcSurf Drawings (2012), also on display in this show, follow specific algorithmic parameters that burn the virtual form finding processes directly onto MDF with laser technology.