17 – 20 JANUARY 2014

Artworks made by using new technologies are no longer only on the margins. Today, artists from all over the world are constantly creating new worlds of experience and increasingly take positions that reflect the digital age: on the internet, on canvas, in photography, as sculpture, installation or as software.

UNPAINTED is a new art fair which shows, with approximately 50 exhibiting international galleries, artistic positions reflecting the digital age, ranging from the historical to the current. The concept of the fair is embedded across a broad programme that is extremely informative about new media art and forms an interface between the informed art audience, the active new media art scene and the interested public.

“Artists have always sensed the latest procedures, reacted to them and made good use of new technical developments as forms of presentation. Our digital age offers the artist undreamt-of possibilities of creative realisation. They gauge technical innovations, critically assess the range of digital media and put to new uses the modern means of communication and data streams which define everyday life.” (Annette Doms, Director of the UNPAINTED media art fair)

UNPAINTED invites all galleries that present media art, to apply for the fair. The UNPAINTED expects more applicants than booths available. A selection committee comprised of international art experts will make the final selection of participating galleries in October 2013. Preliminary Selection Committee of the UPAINTED 2014: Peter Weibel (ZKM Karlsruhe), Alain Servais (Collector, Brussels), Thomas Trummer (Director Kunsthalle Mainz), Johannes Vogt (Vogt Gallery, New York), Wolf Lieser (DAM Gallery, Berlin), Irmin Beck (Curatori, Munich), Anita Beckers (Anita Beckers Gallery, Frankfurt), Annette Doms (Director of UNPAINTED), Jussi Ängeslevä (Media Professor UdK, Berlin), Benedict Rodenstock (Collector, Munich).