PREVIEW: June 1, 2018, 7 – 9 PM

The DAM Gallery establishes a permanent installation for virtual reality artworks in their gallery space, starting with a selection of VR works by Rebecca Allen, Los Angeles, Banz & Bowinkel and Manuel Roßner, both from Berlin.

Parallel to the ongoing exhibitions in the DAM Gallery, you will from now on have the opportunity, to experience and compare a range of different VR artworks. Please arrange an appointment if you want to visit us outside gallery opening times.

Whether in science, the entertainment industry, technology or the arts, it will be soon impossible to imagine life without Virtual Reality and it will effectively change many areas of our everyday lives. The real and the virtual world are increasingly entering into a dialogue and starting to merge with each other.

The three artistic positions presented here use very different strategies to discover the medium of virtual reality.

The American artist Rebecca Allen produced her first computer animations as early as the 1970s and in the 1980s her music videos made a decisive impact on the visual image of the band Kraftwerk. In the VR installations “Inside” and “The Tangle of Mind and Matter”, the artist leads us to the center of the brain and questions the role of the body in virtual experience.

The artist duo Banz & Bowinkel, which already exhibited at the DAM Gallery last year, puts the focus on the extension of perceived reality. In their virtual scenarios, the familiar parameters of nature, body or space are questioned. What does reality mean and is it rendered inoperable by being simulated? Next to “Mercury”, we are showing for the first time in Berlin their latest work “Palo Alto”.

In Manuel Roßner’s “Ultralight Beam” colorful, shiny pipes run through deserted interiors and in “Wetware” a mercury-like mass crashes out of the ceiling. With his smooth, abstract interventions and virtual sculptures he engages directly with the real world and creates a new “mixed reality”.


* Please make an appointment!