Wolfgang Ullrich – Selfies

Wolfgang Ullrich – Selfies

Why have selfies become the epitome of social media image culture? How do they relate to the history of self-portraiture and self-dramatization? Wolfgang Ullrich takes a look back and looks around at the present – without a selfie stick.

Selfies are the most successful image genre in social media to date. However, the fact that their creators are often accused of narcissism does not do justice to their diverse functions. With selfies, the actors of social media rather present themselves in different roles: playfully, teasingly, provocatively. The grimaces and digital post-processing of selfies are part of a long cultural-historical tradition of masks and theatrical play. With selfies, people make themselves into an image; in doing so, they create nothing less than a new form of public life, which in modern times – following Richard Sennett – has often been declared dead.

The cultural scientist Wolfgang Ullrich shows that selfies can be considered the first type of a democratized as well as a globalized image culture – and that long-cherished utopias are fulfilled in them.

Softcover, 11.2 cm x 15.1 cm, 80 pages, in German

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